Sunday, November 2, 2008 Flowers That Talk

FLOWERS THAT TALK – And they say the darnedest things…

Yes, that’s right!  I have  three of them.   Lara Rose (12), Lily Ana (8), and Michael Aster (7) are my flower muses.  

This is a sub-blog about my children, all flowers with varying interest in Helen’s Haven.  This is their garden too, spending a good part of their free time in the garden even if it is only the Children’s Garden which is really their play area that I’ve hidden or disguised with plantings.  

Below is the background to the muse – this is the yadda, yadda, yadda part to the story.  To skip this part, just scroll down to THE MUSE. 

Early on in my life cycle as a mom, I learned that parenting was a very competitive sport.  Like any sport, there are different positions on a team and some that are better at the game than others.  If you choose to play on the team, you may find that you sit on the bench a lot, but that’s OK, because you are still a player.  Others play a lot, or if you are really lucky, you may be first string.  I chose not to play at all.  That was all fine and good, until my kids got to school and that is where the real pressure is applied. 

It’s not so easy to not play at all.  I was reminded of this when I went to a child’s open house.  This usually occurs around the 2nd week of school.  Here you get to meet the teachers, other parents, and see where your kid sits.  Mine always starts out the school year at some random location and then ends up in the front row.  Depending on the child, this may have been because they had a taking problem, or were teachers pet. 

During the open houses, I would go in, give the required face time and try to leave unnoticed.  But, what I found was, you can’t leave unless you sign up for SOMETHING. 

I’m thinking there is no way around this, I’ll sign  up for something that I can buy and give to the kids to take in.  This gets me off the hook.  I am wowed by the hierarchy of assignments.  I notice there is a Social Chair.  This is the parent who will organizes all the parties throughout the year.  She is looking for a Co-Chair.  The Social Chair serves under the Room Parent along with an assortment of other important Chairs to ensure your child’s school year is well organized – outside the classroom work.  And we wonder how bureaucracy begins…

Under the Social Chair, there was a need for parents to be responsible for several of the social functions throughout the year.  I choose Halloween and signed up to bring in cookies.  In hindsight, I probably could have even gotten away with a lesser role such as napkins, paper plates, etc., but I haven’t developed my full strategy skill set as of yet.

I’m not sure, but for this class (6th grade), I think I’m done for the year.  This is an important responsibility…nay, it is a major responsibility,   What if forgot or didn’t do it?  31 cookie recipients would not have received cookies.  Who do you think they would have taken this out on?  My child, of course.  It’s bad enough, my child will be judged on the cookie I choose to bring in for the party.  What if noone likes sugar sprinkled pumpkin cookies and they call my kid the L word when really, I’m the Loser for not knowing any better.  Oh, and yes, I was told to bring in 31 cookies.

I went to the Harris Teeter and bought two trays of pumpkin faced, sugar sprinkled cookies. 
The cookies were sold in 24 cookie counts.  What’s a mom to do, so I bought 2.  With more than 31in the bunch, I pulled 9 out.  This still left some extras, but I sent the remainder in anyway.  I’m sure sending in more than the 31 count got me noted as a mom not being able to follow instructions well.  They’re right.  

The cookies themselves brings we me to my muse.


We are car pooling to school on Halloween.  Number 1child (Lara Rose) is the one taking in the cookies.  She asks me, “if I could choose, would I prefer a cookie with sprinkles or frosting.”  Frosting, I say.  She says, she prefers sprnkles.  No. 2 says she likes chocolate frosting on chocolate cookies.  Aster, No. 3, says he likes, “Any on any.”    As so it goes…

Happy Holloween – Having a devil of a time trying to keep these three kids social schedules straight.



  1. tina said

    My neighbor’s 7 year old daughter is over. She cracks me up because she said, “OMG-she has devil’s ears!” Ha, the things kids say. Love it.

  2. LOL, yes, they say the darnedest things…thanks Tina!

  3. Susan804 said

    I thought your childrend would love to grow TickleMe Plants….plants that really move when tickled.

  4. Thanks for the tip Susan! It looks like it would be a good Christmas present for Lily. Just having Tickle in the name will make her giggle.

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