Sunday November 2, 2008 Puttering in Helen’s Haven

Ugh, the end of daylight savings time!

We had a frost this week, but not a killing frost.  At least not for the masses.  The very tender, yes, others no.  The Elephant Ears (Colocasia) got bit, as well as, the basils. 

Raleigh’s 90% first frost date is October 31.  But it has been years since that happened.  This year we were right on schedule.  I can remember living in Oakwood (the historic district downtown Raleigh) and having to take down my hanging porch ferns in order to decorate for Christmas!

And yesterday and today, the weather was fine.  If only Mr. Frost didn’t come yet, my garden would still be in it’s full fall glory.

 So I decided to tidy up some.  This Sunday’s fun included:

  • Planting the 50 or so N. jonquilla simplex my friend KK gave me. 
  • Planting 2 Tiger Lilies also from my friend KK.  I like that my friend KK is so knowledable about plants, that he gives me plants and also teaches me about them.
  • Trimmed back the beautyberry that I transplanted last week.  I also watered it; it’s looking puny.
  • Same with the Salvia I moved last Sunday.
  • Cut back the basils.
  • Pulled what annuals I had (other than herbs) which only consisted of dragon winged begonias.
  • Planted panseys in the back porch winter pots.
Back Porch Winter Pot with Leyland, Panseys, and Ivy
Back Porch Winter Pot with Leyland, Panseys, and Ivy
  • Watered the transplanted box.  The ones in the sun are suffering.
  • Picked up more chestnuts.
  • Covered the to-the-ground stump left after TD took his chainsaw to the Ligustrum
  • I have a photo shoot on Tuesday for Living in Style magazine for a how-to on decorating 3 mantels using greenery, berries, cones, pods, etc gathered from the garden, friends, and agreeable neighbors.  Still need to get Magnolia.
  • Watered holding area.

It was a light duty day. 


Radius Garden tools sent me some nifty “Advanced Ergonomic Design” tools including a Trowel, Transplanter, Weeder, and Cultivator.  I like the chartreuse green handles. 

Each of the tools demonstrated a good balance when I held it in my hand.  I tested the Cultivator.  This is a tool I use most often. I don’t call it a Cultivator though, I refer to it as a scratcher or hand tiller.

The handle is curvy.  I’m guessing that somehow lends itself to the ergonomics part.  I found that when I needed to dig deeply, I could easily and comfortably put my left hand over my right (I’m right handed) and apply pressure.  Other tools, don’t give the surface area to apply pressure like Radius does.  However, I found the curved handle awkward when using the Cultivator to just tease the surface.  Fortunately, I’m more often applying force than just scratching the surface.  If the curvy arch alone is what makes it ergonomic, then it didn’t work for me.  If the curvey arch makes it easier to use it as a two handed tool, which was how I tested it, then it worked great.  Would I recommend it?  I wouldn’t turn it down as a gift.


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  1. tina said

    You were very busy. Still have lots of color here, but soon a killing frost will come.

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