Thursday October 30, 2008 Farewell Fall at the Raleigh Farmer’s Market

Raleigh's State Farmer's Market Fall

Raleigh's State Farmer's Market - Fall

It was a cold 56 yesterday and windy when I went to Raleigh’s State Farmer’s Market to buy some panseys.  I wasn’t even sure if the pansey growers would still be there…it’s that time of year when plant growers start packing up for the winter.  They were.

After tomorrow, all the pumpkins will be gone.

I talked with Diva with Archer Lodge Herb Farm.  She said they will pull out on Sunday

Archer Farms at the State Farmer's Market

Archer Lodge Herb Farm at the State Farmer

and only come a few more times between now and Christmas with herbs.  They will be back again in the spring.  The rest of their time at the Farmer’s Market, they carry a nice selection of perennials in addition to herbs.

I went looking for Ed and Bill at Urban Oasis, but couldn’t find them.  Good thing too, or I would have had to leave some cash behind…there was a lot tempting me.
Soon the Christmas trees, garland folks, and crafters will be taking their place.
The Farmer’s market is open year round.
Right now there are collards, sweetpotatoes, apples and such.  You can even get your firewood and honey.  If you see bittersweet, don’t buy it.


  1. tina said

    Beautiful day at the Farmer’s Market. Love those maples in the background showing their color.

  2. Yes, they are beautiful. Funny thing is, I don’t remember seeing them while I was there. It was only when I was downloading these photos that I saw them.

  3. John said

    There are at least 12 plant vendors still at the Raleigh Farmer’s Market on a daily basis. Pansies, mums, herbs, perennials, shrubs, mixed planters, boxwoods all still there. Check them out on the weekdays and avoid the weekend crowds.

  4. Yes John, I was there this weekend, you are right there are still some left. Don Ledford – the boxwood specialists, for one. This is where I got my dwarf mondo grass that will go into my client’s garden today. I was referring to the last of the pumpkin growers and this was the last weekend for many of my regular growers. Archer Lodge Herb Farm and Urban Oasis to name two.

    When I was there on the 9th, I noticed the panseys left looked wonderful, so if you still need some, this is the place to go. The mum were looking a bit past prime. There was also an annual and tropical growers and to them I say a good-bye until next year.

    I like going this time of year b/c it represents change in our farming, planting and holiday cycle. Out with the pumpkins in with the Christmas tress. There was also a nursery this weekend already displaying her Magnolia wreaths. Her wreaths were featured in Southern Living. And indeed, they were worthy of SL.

    So Yes, John there is still plenty to see. But we are in a transitional phase, one I accept with saddness and anticipation. The loss of one season, but welcoming of another.

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