Tuesday October 28, 2008 Margot Rochester Remembered

Margot Rochester May 2008

Margot Rochester May 2008

My friend Jayme put it best, God needed a gardener, so He called Margot…

Margot passed away peacefully this morning with her husband Dick by her side.  I met Margot just this past spring on a garden tour in Virginia.  Margot had a wonderful spirit that came through with her ever present smile and joyful eyes.  I immediately liked her and spent most of my time hanging out with her and her friend from South Carolina, Susan.

Margot Rochester, Helen Yoest, Susan Fedor
Margot Rochester, Helen Yoest, Susan Fedor

Margot authored Earthly Delights Gardening by the Seasons the Easy Way. Her latest book Down to Earth:  Practical Thoughts for the Passionate Gardener soon to be released.

I was fortunate enough to hook up with Margot in Portland just last month.  It was a wonderful trip.  I will forever cherish my time spent with her.

Allan Armitage, Susan and Margot

Is Allan Armitage enchanting Margot or is it the other way around?



  1. Kay said

    I just saw today that Margot Rochester had passed away. I had picked up her book, Earthly Delights, to reread while dreaming about my garden plans for spring. I “googled” her name to look for any new writings and saw the sad news. My husband called while I was searching and heard the change in my voice. I met her several years ago when she signed my copy of Earthly Delights and I talked with her once or twice after that. That book just becamce my most prized gardening book.

  2. I know it hurts, she was a dear one. I haven’t reviewed her book, Earthy Delights, formally and I will, but I’m with you, it is one of my most treasured garden books. Practical lovable, and right on! Her last book should be out in January, I am so looking forward to it; it will give me her back us, even if it is just for the for a moment.

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