Wednesday October 22, 2008 Bloom

Recently, I did a pool design that included beds along the pool’s edge and at the top edge of a retaining wall.  Within the brick retaining wall were large square brick posts.  I suggested to my client, Krishna, to add some pots to go on the posts.

We talked about what would look best.  I suggested a bronze color, square, and about “so high” indicating about 20″ with my hands.  Not knowing a source for these pots, but having seen something similar at Restoration Hardware, I suggested she go there first.  Unfortunately, these were not big enough.

This was going to be my client’s job to find.  I told Krishna, “This is the fun part.  Don’t stress over it, but whenever you are out and about, look for pots.”  I was doing the same.

She happened into Bloom, a shop in Southern Village, Chapel Hill, NC.   She found a pot she thought might work.  Krishna said they only had 1, but Bloom could order more.  So, she asked if I would come over to see it before she special ordered them.  They were perfect.

She went back to the shop and ordered all that was needed.  She was so pleased to find the perfect pot, helpful staff and to find a great new store to frequent often.

Well, of course, it got my interest up.  I picked a pretty day and moseyed on over.  It was delightful.  The whole area was new to me and I found Southern Village a nice place to go with a friend for garden shopping and lunch.  They had great gift ideas for any gardener.


708 Market Street

Southern Village

Chapel Hill, NC 28715



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  1. deb said

    Wow, what a great little shop.

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