Monday October 20, 2008 Lasting Impressions Fall Garage Gallery Sale

Lasting Impressions 1st fall ‘Garage Gallery’ sale.
Saturday, October 25, 2008
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
4904 Hermitage Drive
Raleigh, NC 27612
Concrete leaf sculptures, garden stakes, birdbaths, and fully planted hypertufa troughs.  There will also be some plants for sale.  While you’re there, enjoy the gardens and shop in the ‘Garage Gallery.’
Beth and Amelia look forard to seeing you!

P.S. They give a 10% discount to JCRA members!

In case you’re interested, Amelia and Beth offer hypertufa how-to classes.  Or, just wait for the Summer copy of Nature’s Garden where they demonstrate how to make hypertufas.

Here is a photo I took after all the formal shots were taken.  Left to right is Beth Jimenez, Amelia Lane, and James Baggett, then editor of Nature’s Garden, for whom this how-to was produced.  James is now editor of Country Gardens -another Meredith Publication.

One of the many things I like about James is that he is really “into” everything he does.  It wasn’t enough for him just be there.  When the opportunity came, he jumped right in and started make stuff too.



  1. Hypertufa sound very interesting. They look great! LOL Tyra

  2. Anna said

    I really want to do one of these. Maybe in the Spring!

    I like your blog. I’m up around the Winston Salem area. You have a tad bit warmer weather than us. I’m from here originally and love NC.

  3. Come on down Anna! Hit the sale, ask about the hypertufas and even go to the fair…the weather is suppose to be fine!

  4. AnnA said

    You know, I would have come too! But a pesky little kidney stone left me half nuts. I was already half nuts so this just pushed me on over the edge. There is so much in the Raleigh area that I haven’t seen. I do see that you got some stuff with the after fair sales. Good for you! I’m having to rebuild another blog. It’s a long story but I am going to master this once and for all. Nice to see you today!

  5. Ouch! I think a kidney stone would push anyone to the otherside. Always remember, everyone is half nuts, but not everyone admits it! I’m in the process of making my website and blog more sexy. Everything will be switched over to my new business name, blog name, and website – Gardening With Confidence. Well, maybe sexy is too fun of a word – it is only techonolgy, after all.

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