Wednesday October 15, 2008 What’s this Caterpillar Devouring my Loblolly?

What is this Caterpillar devouring my dwarf Loblolly?  And not just any dwarf Loblolly, but the one I got from the JCRA connoisseur plant distribution.   They’re gone now, but I still want to know what they were.  I checked my Mac’s Field Guide for Bad Garden Bugs of the Southeast and wasn’t able to identify them. 

Half the plant is gone, I hope it survives.



  1. Steve Bender said

    I think they are pine sawfly larvae. Gobs of these creepy, crawly things typically appear almost overnight in the fall on pines. They have very discriminating tatstes, which is why they targeted your very rare conifer. Who wouldn’t go for the good stuff?

  2. gardensgardens said

    Thank you Steve! Indeed, who wouldn’t go for the good stuff? Sort of like a fine wine…

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