Saturday October 11, 2008 2008 JCRA Annual Plant Giveaway

From the sidelines, I watched this annual event with great joy.   No doubt, as a spectator, the prespective was very different from the folks in the crowd. I  had so much fun.  They did too.  It’s obvious form the photos.    

I am posting a couple different stories.  The Event– the lines, the line up, the free for all, the bounty.  To put the reader in the event, I have also chronicled my friend Adrienne in her journey.  Thanks Adrienne for being such a good sport about it.  Oh, and Gloria is in there because when I reviewed the photos, a sequence of her presented itself!

There were some 5000 plants (about 300 taxa).  Members knew in advance where the plants were placed.  Careful strategies were involved.  See below some strategy photos. 
There are 3 rounds:  First, Second, and Free for All.  The first and second rounds allow each to choose 3 plants.  After a couple of minutes to reposition themselves, it goes to round 2.  Again, they can choose 3 plants each.  The final round is a free for all.  They can take as much of anything they can grab.



The line





From the line to their first position


Position before the start – they must be behind the white line.  There is a faint white line there…their toes must be covering it.

The Free for All

Helen in the empty field 

Good thing he had a moon roof – see tree coming out the top

 The Adrienne Chronicles

Adrienne is in the pinkish sweatshirt, in the center.  Here she waits in line.


Here’s Adrienne in the lineup.  I’m wondering if she is re-thinking her strategy.   Gloria is standing next to Adrienne.  It would appear Gloria is confident in there strategy.



There goes Adrienne -sprinting to the next position.








This is serious stuff


If I thought of it, I may have staged this shot…but I didn’t.  This really happened and they both got to the pot at the same time.  Adrienne graciously gave in to Ging – a friend of ours.  On the left, is Charlie Kidder, a friend and fellow JCRA board member.


The Bounty!  Adrienne went home happy.








Here we have a post event gathering to compare notes.  The smile of Jayme’s face says success to me.  Their palms reveal their mapping strategies.  Each had the details of their individual priority mapped on their hand as to where to be at each round.  Jayme and her husband Phil Abbott will open their garden for the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days tour also benefiting the JCRA in September 2009.  I’m sure she will be happy to show you the plants she got.



The game plan






Plan B







Here’s Gloria

Now you see her…





There she goes…sprinting the 3 feet to the first pick



Now you don’t see her…but look closely, there she is picking up her plant.

1 second from beginning to end.



Here’s Gloria with her friend Ruth – both are volunteers maintaining the Winter Garden with others from the Raleigh Garden Club.

The Carriers



  1. beth Pflaum said

    I love the pictures, i have always wanted to participate but now I realize I have aged out of such competition.
    I have been a member for many years and like the news letters and visit the Arboretum every time I get near Raleigh.
    I belong to 3 garden clubs and often do programs, frequently using material from the arboretum . I recommend that all the listeners visit it.
    Sincerely Beth.

  2. gardensgardens said

    My dear Beth,

    If you feel you have aged out, please come with me to witness this from the sidelines next year. I promise you will enjoy it – even as a witness and not as a participant! It’s a whole new perspective. I would enjoy having a sidekick!

  3. Looks like great fun! What a wonderful “game” was made of the giveaway. Cameron

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