Monday, October 6, 2008 Tiger Swallowtail Larvae

If you are going out to pick parsley and find this instead – don’t panic.  Plant more.  My garden is looking bare of parsley this time of year, but the butterflies are plentiful.   We’re happy.  So are the larvae.  Just in case you’re wondering, there are plenty of other parsley plants around for these larvae to finish growing on.

Helen Yoest



  1. Cindy said

    That’s a lot of larvae! I never seem to attract any with my parsley. I wonder why?

  2. gardensgardens said

    Were are you located? In my zone 7b garden, I find parsley to be the best host plant for TST. Our butterfly year was slow getting started. I attributed it to a long cold spring. They have made up for lost time though. They are everywhere and the monarchs finally arrived. Just now, sitting outside, I saw 7 flitting about.

  3. Benjamin said

    Where are you at? This is fantastic. Late this summer I went to the nursery and found some cats on fennel, brough tthem to the checkout, and the woman thought I’d done a very good job of plant selection. But I’ve been sad we’ve had no more–TONS of monarchs I’ve posted about, but not many black swallowtails… and I thought they kept going?

  4. gardensgardens said

    Hey Benjamin,

    I’m in Raleigh. Where are you? It has been a good year for us, but slow in getting started.

  5. Benjamin said

    Out here in Lincoln, NE. Monarchs have been much less this year due to spring flooding across the midwest. Not what they need. This is my first year attempting to grab swallowtails.

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