Garden Coaching

For many years, my business model had me wearing many hats. Because I will do as much or as little as my client needs, it was often difficult to describe what I actually did. I think now I can succinctly say what it is I do! Yeah!

I’m still a garden writer, garden scout, field editor for BHG and the Special Interest Media, garden speaker, garden promoter and garden volunteer, but now I can clearly define my “day job” is a GARDEN COACH.

As I post this from my hotel room in Portland, Oregon between sessions at the Garden Writers Association conference, I feel liberated in my identify. I learned from this conference that this new buss word has been out for about 18 months from a story in the NY Times. Susan Harris, one of the Garden Ranters is also a garden coach and offers a posting of fellow garden coaches around the country. I’m honored that she will post my business. Thank you Susan! Check out Susan’s website at

I have been a garden coach for 7 years and here is how I define my business:

Gardening Coach

At any point in your gardening journey, a gardening coach is a helpful tool. Many come to me with dog-eared pages in magazines wanting a garden “just like that.” My role as a gardening coach is to assist the homeowner in having the garden they desire.

Below are some of the many reasons I’m called for garden coaching:

  • To seek “permission” to do what they want to do. A second optinion – someone to bounce ideas off of.
  • Suggestions on how to reduce lawn.
  • Understanding the garden that came with their new home.
  • Tidying up the garden to put the home on the market.
  • Editing a garden that has outgrown the original plan.
  • Adding seasonal interest.
  • To add a patio, water feature, paths, children’s playground.
  • To draw a concept plan.
  • To draw a full plan to scale.
  • To share sources.

I love what I do and hope to partner with you!

Helen Yoest (Philbrook)


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