Sunday, September 14, 2008 Butterfly Effect

Aster has been my buddy in the garden this summer – especially when it came to spotting butterflies. We also heard of too many tails of birds eating the larvae, so decided to provide protection. We set up a safe haven for the Tiger Swallowtail.  With $5.00, Aster purchased a mesh trashcan from Target.  We added a stick and a parsley plant.  As we found cats on the parsley or fennel in the garden, we transfered them into our haven.  A couple of plants later, several larvae later, we had chrysalis.  Today, Aster’s first butterfly emerged.  Below is his photo journey.

Aster spying butterfly…

Aster watching butterfly emerge…


Butterfly sunning…

Butterfly in the garden…

Butterfly Effect…on a little boy!

Helen Yoest



  1. Joe Lamp'l said

    Priceless! I love this and what a great investment this $5 had. Excellent job and so glad you shared this with us!

  2. What a wonderful experience for Aster! Thank you for taking us along on his butterfly adventure.

  3. Kerry said

    How totally cool! And what a great way to teach kids the importance of butterflies.

  4. wendy said

    Awesome project. Swallowtails are beautiful creatures. We had a bunch at this time last year. I’ve only seen a few this year. Hoping they’ll come back.

  5. Dave said

    Neat! That would be really fun for kids to see.

  6. Jane McKeon said

    You’re my kind of girl, Helen! I’ve done this very same thing with my kids, but with an “official” screened butterfly habitat product. Great idea using the Target waste basket! Why didn’t I think of that?!!

  7. James A. Baggett said

    Way to go, Aster! You’re my nature hero!

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