Flowers That Talk – What little a boy values

What little a boy values


Heavy rains last night gave way to clear skies and low humidity this Labor Day.  As the Philbrook family loads up bikes for an early morning ride, Aster, ever ready, has to wait for everyone else.  Espying something shinny in the stone path, he finds little bits of broken stone.  It’s shinny.  Excited to know what it is, he asks Daddy, “mica” he tells Aster. 


As parents, we drill into our kids heads that first they will go to college, and second we need to be saving for it.  Aster, 7,  is the best little worker ever.  Eagerly he sets the table for dinner, he is in charge of the recycle – both taking items to the bins and taking the bins to the street each week.  Up until recently, he hadn’t put a value to his good deeds, since to him, they were just that – good deeds.  After doing one of Lily’s jobs (emptying the dishwasher, a job that doesn’t ever seem to get done by her) he thought that since he was now doing someone else’s work, perhaps he should be paid for it.  Indeed!  I gave him a dollar.  Aster say’s “Wow, will you put this into my college fund.”  That my son!  I did.


So it no surprise to me as I returned from my walk, Aster comes to share with me his new find – mica.  “Wow, buddy” I say, “that’s awesome.”  He hands it to me as says, “Here, put this in my college fund.”  I did.


Helen Yoest (Philbrook)


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