Saturday, July 5, 2008 – Nature’s Garden and Better Homes and Gardens Photo Shoots

This week Raleigh and Cary were graced with a visit from James Baggett, Editor of Nature’s Garden and Perennial Magazine and photographer Virginia Weiler.  Business with these two is also pleasure.  In fact, while it was busy, it was so fun to collaborate creatively to perfect the perfect shot.

Helen Yoest, James Baggett, Virginia Weiler waiting for the right light.
Photo Credit Jere Stevens

James Baggett, Virginia Weiler, Dr. Dennis (Denny) Werner
Photo Credit Helen Yoest

Beth Jimenez, Amelia Lane, James Baggett
Photo Credit Helen Yoest

James Baggett, Helen Yoest, Virginia Weiler, M. Aster Philbrook, Lara Rose Philbrook, Lily Ana Philbrook
Photo Credit, David Philbrook

The last two Summer Solstice Celebrations were this past weekend; Saturday’s at Helen Yoest and the Philbrook family and Jerry and Nina Jackson & Sylvia Redwine’s.  It was a wonderful ending event.  No doubt, we will be doing these parties again next year!

We are off to the beach…swimming, surfing, fishing, crabbing, walking, biking, reading, and writing.  No phones, TV, or e-mail – Yeah!

Helen Yoest


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  1. I know this was a while back- but…
    Great to see you all together. I had such a great time in NC, can’t wait to come back again. Some of my favorite gardeners live there!!

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