Sunday, June 29, 2008 Country Gardens Magazine

Pete Krumhardt, Helen Yoest, Nick Crow

I was kept very busy this week with three photos shoots for Country Gardens Magazine…Hey Nick and Pete!  They’re hard work, but also so much fun.  We had a blast.  Pete Krumdhart the photographer with his many talents and Nick Crow, the art director with his, well…charm and quick wit made for a great week – oh, yes, and many talents as well…including his ability to whistle the Wizard of Oz’s “If I Only Had a Brain.”

Saturday was my luncheon fundraiser for the JCRA.  It was so wonderful to have friends here even though Thumper and Bambi used my twin beds as a buffet line the evening before.

Bambi – such a cute name for the 1942 Disney family movie.   And oh, such cute names for the baby deer (Bambi) who lost his parents from mean ole hunters and his little bunny friend Thumper.  I often remember the flood of tears I shed when I first saw this movie.

In fact, I have not felt my kids ready to bare the burden of such a heart retching tale.  As such, they have been spared.  Right about now, I am glad for that because they have such happy hopes for the bunnies in my garden and now we have a darling deer – yes a deer.  If they had any more sentiment to pull from, they would only hate me more – mean mommy whose face contorts into something unrecognizable to them when I see the damage.  Do they feel my pain?  No, they defend “nature” and that “I’m killing nature.”  To which I respond, “I haven’t killed anything – YET!”  Even my best friend points out, sarcastically, I might add, “Well, Helen, you DO have wildlife garden.”

Yes, we spotted a deer in our back garden.  Right here, inside the beltline, where we use to only worry mowing our lawn on time, respecting the length of time we had to retrieve our trash cans from the curb, and feeling content to look out the window and seeing a nice home just like ours with 2.5 kids and a minivan parked in every driveway.

With a feel week ahead with James Baggett, Editor of Nature’s Garden and Perennial Magazine is in town with photographer Virginia Weiler.  More to report on that next Sunday.

Sunday evening we had a very heavy rain around 10:00.  Lily and I were snuggling…she had a nap in the afternoon to try to catch up from a sleep over from the night before.  She looks at the rain and says, “It is raining so hard that if we were playing ‘don’t let the rain drops hit you, everybody would loose.’”  Then she kisses my good night and says, “If I die tonight, I want you to know I love you.”  I love the rain and all weather, actually…even the thunder and lightening.  Kids are not so fond of it.  I comfort her that all will be well in the morning, that rain is just apart of the nature we love so much.

Helen Yoest


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