Sunday, June 7, 2008 6-7-8 Early Dog Day Heatwave

The temperature rose.  The wind died. The rain stopped.  My fescue lawn has begun to go dormant for the moment.  It is only June, but feels like the dog days of August.  I am ever hopeful that we are having a freak heat wave and this is not a precursor to a long hot summer.

Today Lily and Aster left for Camp Seafarer and Camp Seagull, respectively.  I will miss them in the garden.  With them gone, I will have much more deadheading to do since Lily won’t be around to pick flowers, thus leaving more to die back on the plant.  I will miss overhearing Aster having conversations with his frogs.  He is amazing in the way he can make the sound of a frog and the frog talks back…back and forth they go.

Lucky me, on Monday, I got to tour the Fuquay-Varina gardens that were on tour Saturday and Sunday.  My friend Ging McKay, president of the F-V garden club was my guide.  There were some amazing gardens.  Then I had to race over to the Little Herb House to meet Patrick so we could build a miniature replicate of Lisa Treadaway’s big herb garden for a photo shoot we are doing for Country Gardens at the end of the month.  When I got in the car, I realized I left my lights on and now my battery was dead.  I was late as it was – not allowing myself enough time to see all the gardens,  Ging, calmly gets her jumper cables, jumps my car while at the same time gets her mom to make me a pimento cheese sandwich and with ice cold RC cola for the road.  It was yummy and refreshing too!

The rest of Monday and most of Tuesday was spent working on the mini herb garden.  It was great fun.  Charles Luck Stone donated the stone, Patrick Barkley stalled the stone, and I laid out the herbs in a pattern of an “interesting mix” as expressed by the art director.  Then Lisa gave her final tweaking making for an amazing little herb garden…just the right touch, the touch we needed.

Wednesday was fun in a way.  It was my children’s last day of school for the summer – the faces of comedy and tragedy come to mind.  And it was the Raleigh Garden Clubs end of year luncheon.  I brought chicken salad.  My friend Laura Bromhal came and is planning to join.  So many people asked me for the recipe of my chicken salad, that I broke down and told them I would post it here for everyone to share.

Raleigh’s Best Chicken Salad

Makes about 4 servings; Prep: About 25 minutes from inside the beltline



Cash, check or charge

A good sense of direction


From my house on Yelverton Circle:

Left onto Glen Eden Drive

Right onto Glenwood Ave.

Left onto Peace Street

Left onto that little street between the gas station and Wildflower Pizza before you get to Peace College.

Tookie’s Grill is right at the end of this road.

Try the banana pudding while you’re there!

18 Seaboard Ave., Suite 130



I toured most of the gardens that were open for the JCRA volunteer garden tour.  It was fun running into other volunteersand all the gardens were delightful – despite this wicked heat!

The two Wake Forest gardeners – The Fritz’s and Jayme Bednarczyk (et. al.) – hosting parties for the Summer Solstice Celebration were interviewed by David Leone with Wake Weekly.  I think he was impressed with what he saw and no doubt what he found was not what he expected.  He asked the hosts and me, “Why these gardens?”  I told him because they were “gardens” and not just landscapes.  There is a difference and once I explained it to David, I think he got it.  We will see when the story comes out on Thursday.

Visit for my story on the Summer Solstice Celebration and Richard and Barbara Urquhart’s garden.  There were a couple of errors in the final copy that I clarified with the editor. For example:

  • J.C. the man used periods in his name; the name of the arboretum does not.  As such, it is Dr. J.C. Raulston and the JC Raulston Arboretum at NC State University.
  • Dr. Werner “conceived ” the idea for a master plan, but his core team lead by Harriet Bellerjeau and Suzanne Edney, “created it.”
  • Eliza Kraft Olander’s mother is a “Kraft” not an Olander.

Somewhere else in this week was a scouting shoot, home owner photo shoot prep, and my mom’s 80th birthday.  I only hope she is living her life like Franky did and can say “I did it my way!”



  1. Frank P. said

    i really beleive most people will thing the same thing. but it is not that easy ; anyway not everything is black and white. Isn’t it ?

  2. Helen said

    Hey Frank,

    I am afraid that your comment was to vague for me to respond. It could refer to most of what I wrote; please explain.


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