Sunday, May 18, 2008 Garden Design Doubts

Shouldofs, couldofs, wouldofs – as in life – so goes the garden. Should I have better thought out my garden design? Could I have waited to pull it off? Would I be happier today?

On a scouting trip this week I saw the garden of my dreams…the garden I always wanted. And I don’t say that lightly. The garden is still young, but this gardener had the patience to plan and wait to get what he wanted. I admire him so much; I cannot even put it into words.

Often times I am blindsided. Lily asks me last night, “Mom, what does the tooth fairy do with our teeth?” Slow on my feet as ever with these deep questions, I tell her she gives them to the birds to increase their calcium intake. Then she wonders how I know this, and I explain that in nature, creatures are naturally conservationists, humans have to make a point to rethink old habits and work at it. Human’s take for granted what the wildlife revere.

I made two scouting trips this week. Pinching myself that this is my job, I hope I never take my job for granted.

Saturday, Raleigh experienced the Tour de Coop – Hen Side the Beltline, chicken coop tour. If it were up to Bob Davis, there would be a chicken (or three) in every yard. My day is coming. Jesse, thank your mom again for giving me those purple poppy seeds from your garden. You have a great coop and I can tell you love your “girls.”

Sunday, my day to spend in my garden, will be filled with rest and wonder – to the chase to chase my dreams.

I leave Monday morning on a great garden adventure. Twenty women form the gardening community, mostly the JCRA, are converging in Charlottesville to visit some gardens. There will be gardeners (all of us are) landscape architects, designers, writers, admirers – all volunteers, it should prove to be a great adventure.

Helen Yoest (Philbrook)


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