Sunday, March 30, 2008 Home Alone

My family left Easter afternoon for a week in Florida. Way weird to be home alone. After a few hours of phantom cries, I settled into a routine of catching up in the garden as well as other as areas of my cluttered and full existence.

The weather started out a little cool, then unseasonably warm with highs in the mid 80’s on Friday followed by a cold front bringing unseasonably cold weather for Saturday and Sunday. Never venturing out of the upper 40’s, I though best never to venture out of doors. I’m not usually afraid of a little cold weather; however, I was afforded solitude and wanted to see what it felt like. As such, my weekend was filled with taxes, bills, paperwork, updating my garden journal, and reading. It helped that the cold front brought with it about a half inch of rain. It was one of the best kinds of rain – long, slow, soaking. With plenty of rain this first quarter of the New Year, optimism ruled the weekend.

The crabapple bloomed, as did more daffodils, more verbena, and more iris too. The Amaryllis started sending up green leaves and the one in the house is in full bloom. This Amaryllis shares a large container with a Bird of Paradise – the only container we bring in for the winter. David and I grew the plant from seed we got in Hawaii in 1990.

I need to move a few plants around. Perhaps I will find some time next week. I did have a chance to get dirty in the garden this week with some pruning (Beauty berry) and dead heading (Camellias.) I also move the little brick I had in the gazebo to the shed area and reset the stepping stone path that heaved in the Mix Border. I finished up at Elizabeth’s, spoke to the Wood Valley Garden Club, attended the Herb Society of Wake County’s garden club and had dinner with the visiting Board from the Garden Conservancy. Oh, yes, I guess there was a Gala in the Garden for the JCRA meeting in there too as well as needing to work in the Summer Solstice Celebration and updating my big book of media. That took some time…time requiring complete concentration and the ability to spread out…perfect time to do this project while my children were gone So, I topped of the perfect weekend with sending out many press releases for the Gala so that finally on Sunday evening, I felt somewhat caught up.

As my husband and kids pulled into the driveway, I eagerly waited them to rush with hugs and kisses. Instead I could see them from the protection of the porch as they stretched and yawned. Slowly, they came from the car with not nearly the excitement for seeing me as I had for them. As they moved more and shook off the road, they came into my arms. First Aster with a big hug, I said, “Hey buddy” with a hug and a kiss, I said “I missed you”, He replies, “I missed you more.” Sigh.

Then came Lily with the same I-don’t-ever-want-to-let-go embrace and then Lara Rose who no doubt grew a foot this week, gave me one of her famous hugs.

Within seconds, my solitude was filled with counters full of books, pillows, loads of laundry, maps, shoes, and whatever else landed there. At this moment, I thought about when my day will come as an empty nester – probably about 12 short years away. Those same piled counters a mere week ago would have sent me into a pick up and put away mode; now I say it’s fine and ask “anyone want to snuggle?”


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